Monday, December 9, 2013

Adi | Birthday Portraits | Damascus, Oregon

I don't really even know where to start!! My little baby brother is 17 today! *GASP!* I feel like a parent who's kid is grown up and I can't handle it! But Adi has literally grown up right before our eyes. I call him Mister. He is the youngest one of the 6 of us. I think, secretly, we still feel like he is 11 and just the little guy who gets everything. Lol. But it's more than that. ALL of us siblings have this special bond with him, individually. I can't speak for anyone else, but I know with me, he always gets things done. I ask him to print things out for me, he does. Grab my christmas tree out of the shed - ok! Pick me up off the side of the road when the van broke down, no questions asked.  Ya, those things may seem superficial but he does them without hesitation. I pray that Adi continues growing in the Lord and he may be a light to those around him. Anyone who is lucky enough to be his friend knows how special he is!

Some of Adi's favorite things {according to me}:
- Searching for cars on Craigslist
- Working on bikes
- Playing the euphonium [I'm not sure if its a favorite thing, but I know he does it well]
- Being my model when I see good light outside and I'm at the house
- Being Charlie's youngest uncle :)

I am sure there are many more things! I took him out yesterday to snap some "Birthday Photos". As you can see, I can't keep him serious for too long!

Love you Adi!



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